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I have to admit, I was sold on Tamara Gill’s A CAPTAIN’S ORDER – A DUKE’S COMMAND the moment I saw the cover.  There’s just something sublimely romantic about a tall ship, a rugged sea captain, and a passionate embrace—particularly when the aforementioned embrace keeps you from pitching headlong over the side of the boat into rolling waves.  (Talk about breathless!)  Throw in the scandal of a forbidden affair—it is not proper, it seems, for an English Lady to frolic with a wayward pirate—and you’ve got some most tasty fodder for a little frolicking of your own.

A CAPTAIN’S ORDER – A DUKE’S COMMAND offers a sinfully delicious glimpse into the affairs (ahem) of Lady Eloise Bartholomew, who snagged herself a lip-smacking morsel of a sea captain when she hooked up with Gabriel Lyons on an oceanic voyage.  Turns out she’s more of a wanderlust at heart than a member of the ton (Britain’s high society) has a proper right to be.  Long after she’s deposited on her home soil, her thoughts are wet with memories of Gabe’s rogue hands washing over every delicate inch of her skin … and her thoughts aren’t the only thing getting drenched.

Ms. Gill does a fabulous job of placing readers in the era and creating a vivid scene, her skill of crafting a compelling story in short space evident from the first page.  I’m most impressed with the depth of this tale, in particular with the seamless blend of past events into the here and now.  The pages simply burst with plot, the facets of which are expertly handled to sweep readers off on a seductive, smokin’ hot journey—so hot, in fact, that it’s apt to leave you wishing you owned something in proper royal English attire just so your skirts could likewise be torn asunder.

Divinely fulfilling, Tamara Gill’s A CAPTAIN’S ORDER – A DUKE’S COMMAND is a voyage that can’t be missed (as is Gabe’s gangplank … but don’t tell Eloise I said that.)  You can grab a copy by clicking here.

I, meanwhile, am going to slip out the back to see if I can find myself one of those royal gowns.

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