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April is right around the corner and that means the Noble Authors Blog Tour is about to go WILD.  Nine Noble Romance authors are hitting the parade route with hot new interviews, bios, excerpts, and some INSANE prizes.  If you love author swag or seriously stacked e-cash, stay tuned to the official Noble Romance Authors blog for details, and be sure to check out the first blog posts on April 5th.  You won’t want to miss a word of this!

HC Brown
Indigo Skye
Gianna Simone
Justine Elyot
Cherie de Sues
Mindy Mackay
Bianca Sommerland
J.S. Wayne
Sarah Ballance

In other news, I’d like to point you in the direction of the many WONDERFUL reviews I’ve received for my romantic suspense RUN TO YOU.  You can find links to them right here on the News & Reviews page, or head over to my website books page.  While you’re over there, I’ve got a little surprise for the very many of you wondering when my next book is coming out.  (Nags!  LOL.)  I’ve added a “coming soon” page with word count meters so you are free to peek over my shoulder whenever you’d like.  (But don’t stare too long … it’s SO hard to work that way!)  There’s even a little teaser about the plot of each book, but I do mean “little.”  I don’t want to get tired of the story before the book comes out!

Finally, my longtime crit partner Zampa decided to celebrate the release of her debut novel CANDY G by dishing on ME.  If ya’ll see me out there with my head shaved, you can blame her. ;c)  Click here to check it out.  (((Zampa rocks!)))