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As excited as I am about my new suspense, UNFORGIVEN, I’ve got to say we’ve gotten off to a rough start.  First I spent an entire day torturing my H for a prologue that won’t fill two pages in the book.  (You can read the tale of that particular day by clicking here).  Then it took days and weeks to finish the first chapter, at which point I beat my head against the wall over where the story was going anywhere as written.  Finally I got a move on with chapter two and hit not one but TWO roadblocks, both at once.  First, I ended up with a big nonfiction project.  Almost the same day, every member of my household got sick. That’s me, the spouse, and all six of our kids.  Long story short, I didn’t touch my WIP for nine days.  The ol’ WIP and I weren’t off to the greatest start as it was, so that stood to be a heckuva blow.

But not so much.

Absence does, indeed, make the heart grow fonder.  I went back with a whole new appreciation for my WIP.  I banged out a few words.  And then something else happened.

I quit.

Oh, I didn’t quit the whole story.  I just quit to wash dishes or help a kid with a math problem or something.  Point being, I didn’t hide in the linen closet, tapping away until I simply couldn’t write any more.  Rather, I quit when was all fired up to keep writing.  And what a difference it made.  Walking away when I still had fire for the story meant I carried that good feeling with me until my manuscript and I were reunited.  I’ve got to say, that’s much better than giving it up at a point of hostility.  It’s quite literally the difference between walking around with little hearts around my head because I’m thinking lovey-dovey thoughts about my spouse versus being mad over something.  And on that note, I must say … it’s a LOT easier to write when I’m not dreaming up ways to choke my characters.

That, my friends, was a lesson *totally* worth nine days away from my WIP.