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reader Amy Reynolds

Folks, I’m deeelighted to introduce you to romance fan and reader Amy Reynolds.  She’s joining us from Sigel, Illinois (where I’m betting it’s plenty cold right now) to dish on books, e-publishing, and the impact of a bad review – all from a reader’s perspective.

Authors dream of writing a book that will deprive our readers of sleep.  What kind of story keeps you up all night because you can’t bear to put it down?

I read all kinds of genres so a book with a great story line and characters keeps my interest. When a story line keeps me guessing and peaks my interests I tend to not be able to put the book down.

Some readers have embraced e-books, while others like the feel of the printed pages in their hands.  How do you feel about e-books?

I just got a Kindle for Christmas this year and I LOVE it. At first I wasn’t sure how I would like it since I do enjoy the feel and smell of a real book. However, with my work and activities with my children I have found it much easier to carry the Kindle in my purse and know that when I turn it on the page I left off will be there waiting for me.

Ah, yes.  The convenience must be incredible!  (Yes, that’s right.  I’m guessing about the convenience thing because I don’t own an e-reader.  I am, however, not above charity, so for anyone reading this … <<I’m kidding, ya’ll.  Someone emailed me not realizing this.  TOTALLY KIDDING.).  *Clears throat*  Okay, Amy, here’s one those of us with publishing contracts are dying to know.  What turns you on to a new author?  What most influences your decision to make that first purchase?

Coming from a long line of family and friends who are also avid readers I will ask about any new authors they have read recently. I usually do some research on the author before I look into their books. Not until I read the back of the book will I make a final decision on if I want to read the book or even consider that author.

Ah, the blurb!  Since we’re on the topic of the cover, how important is a good cover?  Have you ever made a purchase solely because of an awesome cover?  Have you ever decided NOT to buy a book because the cover didn’t rock your world?

Honestly I used to let covers make or break the decision for me, however, that was the past. I have learned that a cover really doesn’t make the book. I have to read what the book is about anymore to decide if I want to read it.

I’m sure a few authors who aren’t in love with their covers will be glad to know not every reader judges a book by its cover!  So what about what’s in the middle?  Do you leave online reviews for the books you read?  Why or why not?

I recently started doing this after reading a 12 book series that I really liked. Since then I feel it is very important for the author to hear from readers. I believe this can help the author in the future, especially if it’s an ongoing story line.

You’re right about that!  Most authors love to hear from their readers, and we really dig reader reviews.  Do you regularly visit any book review sites?  If so, which ones?  How likely are you to purchase a book based on a review?

No, I do not usually look into book reviews. I have my own opinion on books and authors and do not always think the same way as someone giving their opinion or review. I am the same way with movies, I have to read or see it myself to make decide if it’s something I’m interested in or not.

Anyone who’s ever had a bad review is sure to appreciate those words, LOL.  How do you keep up with your favorite authors?

Lately I have been keeping up with one of my favorite authors through her web page. Mostly to keep track of when her new book(s) will be released but also to figure out what books she already has out and what ones I have or haven’t read yet.

Any upcoming releases you’re excited about?

I received Tami Hoag‘s newest release Secrets to the Grave for Christmas this year. I can’t wait to start reading it.

And I bet Ms. Hoag would be delighted to know it.  I just Googled her and read the overview for SECRETS TO THE GRAVE, and I’ve got to tell you, I am intrigued.  The last line of write-up is incredible.  That sucker is SO going on my TBR list!

Amy, thank you so much for joining me to share your thoughts and perspective as a reader.  It has been an honor to get to know you.  (I do hope I haven’t drooled on your Kindle.)

‘Til next time!

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