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It’s not often I find myself without the words to adequately describe something, so let that be clue number one:  Rosalie Stanton‘s ability to put words on a page set me on my arse.  And I stayed there, until the wee hours of many a morning, until I finished her book.  But let’s take a step back, shall we?

I admit, I dig Rosalie.  She’s a quip in a box (and I mean that in the best possible way).  I liked her before she sent me an autographed copy of her book, RIPPLES THROUGH TIME, and – as is any author’s dream – I became a fan for life somewhere on the first page.

It’s that good.

And it got better.

I’m not a reviewer type, but I can say this much.  RIPPLES THROUGH TIME fabulously weaves the past and present into a single plotline, so expertly intertwined they build a crescendo straight through to the end.  There are plenty of ways the technique of switching centuries could have been disastrous, but Rosalie managed to avoid every one of them.  In fact, the world-building required for RIPPLES THROUGH TIME is not just flawlessly presented – it’s fantastic!

But the true brilliance of RIPPLES THROUGH TIME isn’t the stellar plot. Oh, there’s credit to be had in the coy way she managed to tease page after page out of me long after I planned to call it a night.  The tasty, cunning hooks at the end of each chapter are doubly effective  – and borderline torturous – thanks to the transitioning between centuries, which alternate chapters for the first half of the book .  More than once, I turned out the light only to turn it back on again when a growly Must. Read. More. vibe kept sleep at bay.  RIPPLES  THROUGH TIME is needy like that.

All good, but the true Rosalie Stanton Wow Factor exists elsewhere.

Available now in e-formats. Click to purchase.

Lacking a more succinct method of definition, I’ll share this much:  the absolute first comparison to come to mind was an episode – any episode – of The West Wing.  Fans of the show will find the same insatiable quirk, flying zingers, and one-liners familiar in the political TV drama on every page of RIPPLES THROUGH TIME.  (Aaron Sorkin, she’s got yer number.  Memorized.)  There’s just this undercurrent of humor that exists on every page.  Some readers may not get it – my own spouse never did figure out why I howled with laughter at The West Wing – but for those who do, it’s an incomparable treat.  It’s one thing to make the average exchange between characters grin-worthy, but Rosalie manages to take the most somber of moments to the next level with an edge of humor.  Said humor is done in such a way that not only doesn’t take away from the seriousness of a situation, but in fact compliments it.

Utter brilliance.  On a stick.

And one hit wonder, Rosalie Stanton is not.  I’ve yet to get my hands on her backlist, but her December 2010 release DARK SOLACE is dialed in to the same vibe.   Rosalie’s characters are beyond the third dimension.  They are the kind to camp out on your sofa and hang with you for a while.  Like that first crush, you think about them when you’re apart, and you relish every moment you spend together.  You know them for who they are, and while every new line of wit is grin-worthy, there’s nothing made-up or forced about this particular brand of humor.  Rather, it’s who they are.

In a word?  Un-freaking-forgettable.

Want two more?  Buy now.  You won’t regret it.

Stalk Rosalie (you know, in a polite and legal sense) on Twitter, catch the latest on her website, or hang with her at her blog.  You know you wanna.

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