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The last couple of days have brought about a gazillion visitors to my blog.  I wish I had a more creative way to say thank you (being a writer and all) but I’m going to give this all the heartfelt emotion I can cram into a single typewritten word:  MUAH!  I’m just shocked by the flood of contest entries and blog subscribers.  Speaking of which, have YOU subscribed to e-mail updates?  If not, what are you afraid of?  I will do no harm, and there’s not a witness *alive* to say otherwise!  *Grin*  The subscription box is on your left.  I’m only plotting three posts a week, so I can only annoy you SO much, right?  ;c)

As far as the red carpet goes, Friday brings a great milestone for me.  Author Rachel Brimble will join me here for my first hosting event.  Her interview is fantastic, and one commenter will win a signed print copy of one of her books.  It’s the winner’s choice, and she’s got an option for everyone – choose from her romantic suspense, romantic comedy, or a historical romance.  (I’m bemoaning my lack of eligibility for that particular prize … the readers get all the fun, don’t they? LOL!)

Then, join me Monday 1/17 for my first weekly Spotlight.  I’m featuring author Rosalie Stanton and – unlike an interview where the subject gets to steer the conversation – I’m just going to dish a little on Rosalie and she’ll be surprised like the rest of you.  You definitely won’t want to miss this!

In the meantime, if you happen to be the ONE person on the planet who has not yet entered my “Oklahoma contest” to assist with my new suspense UNFORGIVEN, I encourage you to jump in.  Please get your entries in by Tuesday 1/18 so I can begin the colossal task of creating polls for voting. (YAY!  I’m excited!)  For full contest details, please click here.

I’ll see you all here Friday!