He thinks she killed his brother.  She KNOWS who he killed.

Okay, guys. Time to be clever.  I need a made-up name for a city, town, or county to be set in Oklahoma.  It needs to sound like a perfectly DELISH place to hide when you’re on the run from the law with a guy you’re trying not to fall in love with.  ;c)  Sexy, western-ish, or even funny – give me your best shot!  (I’m reminded of a kid on one of my daughter’s soccer teams who suggested they dub themselves “The Cows” – don’t ask me why, but it still makes me giggle.)

What’s in it for you?  Well, the winning place name will be used in my new romantic suspense (working title UNFORGIVEN) AND the winner will receive a prize pack full of goodies.  I’m waiting for my first batch of goo for RUN TO YOU to arrive, so the prize won’t ship until the end of January but I *always* deliver!  This is contest is open to EVERYONE but if your address is outside of the US please read the fine print at the end of this post.

You may enter via direct email (sarahATsarahballanceDOTcom), by leaving a comment on this post, or through Twitter, Facebook, or any any other method you can think of.  I will collect all of the entries and set up a vote to determine the winner by the end of the month.

Now for the fine print:  The winner will be determined by an open vote.  I will use the winning name in my manuscript, but please keep in mind the author does NOT have the final say. Editors get paid to poke at us authors (love you guys!), and sometimes – and for various reasons – things have to change.  That said, I can’t guarantee the name will make it to the published version of my story (look at me assuming I can get it contracted, LOL!) but we’ll give it a shot!  If you are outside of the US and the cost to ship to you is painful to look at, I may – at my discretion – send you an Amazon e-gift card instead.

Ready?  Let’s play!

Added 01.12.11 – WOW, what a response!  Please get your entries in by the end of Tuesday, January 18.  Voting begins on the 19th, so don’t go far.  ;c)