This week has been a wild one!  Between my second release and the Noble Christmas party – not to mention my own IRL preparations – I’m almost dizzy, LOL. So on that note, here’s a quick recap of my appearances this week.  Dizzy or not, I’ve had a BLAST and would like to extend my thanks to my gracious hosts for the hospitality.

12/13/10 – The first RUN TO YOU interview with blog host Tamara Gill

12/14/10 – The TRUE Story Behind the Story – When Romance Turns to Murder (The Inspiration Behind RUN TO YOU) at Writers Gone Wild

12/19/10 – Hanging out with fellow NRP author C. Margery Kempe at Nights of Passion

12/12/10 – Revisit my first release, DOWN IN FLAMES, with this interview courtesy of RomanceBooksRUs.