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Noble works fast!  The release of my romantic suspense “Run to You” is set for December 13, 2010!  A week ago I was still stalking the submissions editor on Twitter for any clue as to her location in the pile, and here I am now with a contract and a release date!

And, purely for entertainment value, here’s a glimpse into the extent of my geek-dom.  I’ve always found good fortune with the numbers 7 and 13.  (I know, everyone loves seven but I have an actual birthright to it, LOL).

  • Down in Flames was accepted on the 31st of the month and published on the 7th.  Granted, 13 does not equal 31, but work with me here.  No hecklers!
  • Run to You was accepted on the 7th and will be published on the 13th.

Now, isn’t that cool? (AHEM.  What did I say about hecklers?  Shoo!)

Off to celebrate!  (And panic, edit, and panic some more).