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Every now and then (usually when I should be working) I come across something that will make me glad I have a problem with focusing on the job at hand.  Tonight is one of those nights because a random click on Twitter led me to this: *I* have been accused of having a “WOW factor!”  (Those of you know know me IRL can just stop laughing right now.  I can see you, you know.)  Even better, this accusation came under the heading of “Recommended Reading” and in conjunction with the title of my debut novel, Down in Flames.   All of this leads me to believe the author of this post may have actually been talking about, well, ME!

Go check it out.  (Seriously, because I have to get back to work and just can’t do a thing with you staring at me.  Shooo!) >> Click here to see Random Awesome Mention by Rosalie Stanton