Wow, where the heck have I been?  It’s been a month since I’ve blogged (if that contest announcement counts, LOL), and it just doesn’t seem possible.  But it drives the point home for me:  as a first time author, boy am I naive!  Yes, present tense.  Yes, STILL.

Before I finished my first novel, I had this silly little idea that writing “the end” (not that I actually did that) meant you were finished with the book.  Yeah, laugh, go ahead, because that is SO not the end.  It really is like having a child.  The pregnancy ends with the release date (LOL), but the responsibility is far from over.  In fact, with a screaming baby at two in the morning, the pregnancy starts to look like a picnic.  (I have six children, so I speak with experience, LOL).

So here’s where I sit.  My first novel released almost four months ago and I still tend to it.  It’s not getting dusty on a virtual shelf – I’m still working the room, so to speak.  My second novel – a romantic suspense – is waiting on a response from the publisher.  My third is a romance with suspenseful elements, and I’m digging in and LOVING it.  As fall settles over my corner of the world, my own house whispers hints of this story to me.  It’s in the scent of the wood stove when the wind is just right, and it makes me itch to bring these characters to life.  I hope to finish it by Thanksgiving, and now that I’ve said it out loud maybe I’ll feel a bit more obligated.  (Does that work?  I guess I’ll find out!)

I’m working on consistency, on writing every day and blogging on schedule.  It doesn’t take the fun out of it; rather, I carry my accomplishment with me and feel inspired by it.

Becoming a published author wasn’t quite what I expected … it has been far more.  I don’t do it often – I’m too busy with the logistics – but when I stop to consider there’s a book out there with my name on it, I’m amazed.  I’m also incredibly grateful, and, well, infected.  It’s an addiction, and I can’t wait to add my second novel to my credits.

In the meantime, thank you so much for your generous support.  And those of you asking when #2 is coming out, trust me, I’ll shout it from the rooftops.  I am SO excited about the story and I love the characters.  The story takes place right in my backyard (or a few miles from it) so I know their world intimately, and I really feel that coming through in my manuscript.  But for now, I’m in another world, away from the beach and in the depths of a 400 year old house with secrets of its own.  In other words, I’m writing.