Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had the great honor of being among the first round judges of the Savvy Authors Drive ’em Wilde Contest.  Wow, what an experience!   I think once you start writing it’s hard to ever go back and just read.  You may know what I mean – you just notice stuff.  And with the list of judging criteria in front of me, I really noticed stuff.  BUT … I’m not talking about the contest entries.  I’m talking about my own WIP.

I’ve yet to decide if finding flaws in your own work is a blessing or a blessing in disguise.  I’m in the middle of edits for “HMW” and I swear, the last thing I wanted to find was a flaw.  But – you can see this coming from a mile away – I did.  Of course I did.  Something I wouldn’t have thought twice about without the judging criteria in front of me.  Oh, my.

The upside is that I thought a little more about my story.  At first I crashed headlong into the thought that I didn’t attack the conflict soon enough, but the more I thought about it the more I realized that I DID.  The conflict introduced in the first chapter is the catalyst for the whole story, but I didn’t think about that until I tried to figure out how this story I loved so much could possibly be so flawed.  Fortunately, I now feel safe in saying that it’s really not.  (And I’ll keep right on saying that until I have a contract in hand and an editor who says otherwise, LOL!)

It’s funny how experiences such as this one can cause you to rethink, maybe reanalyze.  It’s also a good lesson about perspective.  YOU know what you were thinking when you wrote your words, but how will someone else see them?  Taking that backward step may seem really, really tedious, but it is never a mistake.  You may not like what you see, but odds are pretty good that you’ll have a better story for having seen it.

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