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No, since you’re thinking it, it does NOT take much to amuse me.  But c’mon!  This is a moment!  Something from my wee little imagination is on Amazon!  I’m practically plankton on there in a sea of big, big fish, but there’s time.  One day I’ll be a household name, but for now I’m on freaking AMAZON, ya’ll!


If you’ve read Down in Flames and liked it have a spare moment, please go over and post a review!  (If you hated it you can still post a review, but I’m not gonna beg for those – do I look crazy or somethin’?)  My gosh, isn’t it beautiful all kindled up and stuff?  LOL!

Still haven’t grabbed a copy?  Go!  Run!  Hurry while you can still say you knew me “when”!  BUY LINK