“HMW” is in edits, and boy does it feel like it’s been there forever!  LOL.  I finished it in the last trimester of a pregnancy and that ended in a new baby – now 6.5 weeks old – so I have a pretty good excuse.  Although … don’t ask me how I didn’t manage to finish while on bed rest for weeks, LOL!

As of right now, chapters 1-4 have been edited, sent off to my crit partner for slaughter, and then edited again with her comments.  I’m working on chapter 5 now, but the work is about to get a bit more extensive.  I’m adding a couple of scenes, moving one or two around, and adding the viewpoint of the bad guy.  I want to add between 5k and 9k words in the process.  My goal is to finish this up in the first week of August.

In the meantime, I need to start thinking hard about the synopsis.  I know that word is the bane of most fiction writers, but I’ve written nonfiction way longer than fiction and I’m comfortable with the sales pitch.  I do want to get it drafted, though, so I can look at it with fresh eyes before I send it off.

I love this story and I’m SO excited about getting it out there.  It’s my first romantic suspense and only my second novel, but I just had a blast weaving the pieces together and I’m looking forward to starting #3.  THREE!  Who would have guessed I’d finish two novels in a year?  (Hey, stop shaking your head!  I can see that “Not me” from here!  LOL!)

Stay tuned for more updates!