There’s a new interview posted over at Simply Sexy Stories featuring your favorite new author (um, no, ME) so grab your coffee or OJ or vodka – whatever starts the day off right – and read along!  And if you’d be so inclined to leave a comment I would love to “hear” something other than crickets chirping and the occasional stage whisper of “Who’s Sarah Ballance?”  ‘Cause, well, that’s embarrassing.

Learn intriguing tidbits such as what single piece of advice an author with my vast //cough// *experience* //hack, wheeze// has to offer aspiring authors, plus discover how one comment from my crit partner changed the entire course of my new release, Down in Flames.  And just in case that coffee / OJ / vodka isn’t doing the job, wake up *happy* with a smokin’ hot excerpt you won’t find anywhere else!

Click here to read my Simply Sexy Stories interview with Nichelle Gregory!
(adults only, please!)